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Monday, 18 April 2011

Pink and Blue for the Stag and Doe

After the baby shower that passed a week ago, I got my third chocolate making job for a stag and doe...that was only 5 days away. My job...make 300 chocolates and package them all pretty...sounds do-able, stressful but do-able. So I get started thinking I have all Monday to attack the project until I get called into work...Now the job becomes 5 days to make 300 chocolates while working everyday as well. YIPPIE! :) But with the help of my Mom (THANK YOU) we managed to make a HUGE dent into the packaging on Wednesday. This was the finished product.

 There needed to be 150 of these pretty baggies. That took quite a few hours to do, but in the end they all got finished and worked great :)
All in all the Stag & Doe was wonderful and it seemed everyone had a great time including the bride & groom to be. Congrats!! :)

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